It Just Works
Wave Agency
Lyam Bewry:

Campaign for Brother printers by New Zealand based Wave Agency.

The refreshing, matter of fact approach pairs perfectly with the job of a printer in our fast-moving, pushing for the 'next big thing' society. (Side note, these ads would be a hit here in San Francisco.)

The default art direction and type treatment, like the campaign, just works.

Ikea, Oxford Street, London
Rob Duncan:

Sometimes it's all about going big with the idea. I love this giant hoarding by Mother for Ikea's new store on Oxford Street.

Door Dash & McDonald's Canada
No Fixed Address
Rob Duncan:

This is such a clever idea. As simple as taking the product of the client and making it move, relying on the fact that everybody in the world knows what your product looks like. So happy it wasn't quashed by the usual client response "But nobody will get it, we need to put big type over the top that reads – This is a picture of a Big Mac being moved at speed." ;)

Ligue 1 Uber Eats Symphony
Rob Duncan:

Paris based agency Marcel have created an ingenious way of advertising the beautiful game for La Ligue – Get the soccer coaches to conduct the orchestra. A version of the "performance" shown here serves as Prime Video Sports' new opening credits sequence for La Ligue games each weekend. The symphony will also also play on jumbo screens in stadiums, and discussions are underway to make it available to the masses via Amazon Music. I wish they had used some of Guardiola booting a water bottle into the opposition bench though!

The Exquisite Gucci Campaign
Rob Duncan:

Being a Stanley Kubrick fan since being forced to watch A Clockwork Orange during my Art School days, this new campaign for Gucci really stood out this week. Alessandro Michele’s campaign, meticulously recreates scenes from 2001: A Space Odyssey, A ClockworkOrange, Barry Lyndon, The Shining and Eyes Wide shut. This must have taken a lot of time and a lot of money to recreate so exactly — beautiful work.

Guardian 200 Years
Oliver Agency
Rob Duncan:

In 2021, the Guardian turned 200, and the newspaper wanted to celebrate the milestone with existing readers whilst gaining new subscribers. Instead of celebrating past achievements, the Guardian chose to focus on what comes next.

The campaign uses very clever copywriting and juxtaposition of billboards — Obviously a copy led direction for a newspaper but definitely not obvious copy. Fantastic work by Oliver Agency who have structured themselves to exclusively design, build and run bespoke in-house agencies and marketing systems for brands. This must be a real challenge as a model but they are proving that it works by producing great work like this.

Chilly's – Dear Big Water
Lyam Bewry:

Campaign for Chilly's Bottles on World Refill Day by Uncommon that writes an open letter to some of the biggest water brands, specifically one's known to come in single-use plastic bottles.

Hiut Double Black
Jamie Ellul:

Love these thumb-stopping launch images for Hiut Denim from Welsh agency Bwtîc. Hiut Denim Co. is a small independent denim company based in Cardigan, Wales. Hiut only have only four launches each year.

Bwtîc created launch photography for their first launch of 2022; the ultimate Double-Black jean. Aiming to build intrigue and hint at the product specification; without giving too much away. Using the West Wales coastline Hiut calls home as the location – they created a teaser campaign where the jeans themselves can only be seen in the reflection of the water. The result is a surreal and surprising set of images that slowly reveal the product in the run up to launch.