It Just Works
Wave Agency
Lyam Bewry:

Campaign for Brother printers by New Zealand based Wave Agency.

The refreshing, matter of fact approach pairs perfectly with the job of a printer in our fast-moving, pushing for the 'next big thing' society. (Side note, these ads would be a hit here in San Francisco.)

The default art direction and type treatment, like the campaign, just works.

Stephen Grace
Lyam Bewry:

Limited edition zine by Stephen Grace about words that can be found within the HEX colour code system, featuring regular and 'leetspeak' spellings (numbers that replace letters). A nice touch are the page colours that represent the actually HEX colour values.

Guardian 200 Years
Oliver Agency
Rob Duncan:

In 2021, the Guardian turned 200, and the newspaper wanted to celebrate the milestone with existing readers whilst gaining new subscribers. Instead of celebrating past achievements, the Guardian chose to focus on what comes next.

The campaign uses very clever copywriting and juxtaposition of billboards — Obviously a copy led direction for a newspaper but definitely not obvious copy. Fantastic work by Oliver Agency who have structured themselves to exclusively design, build and run bespoke in-house agencies and marketing systems for brands. This must be a real challenge as a model but they are proving that it works by producing great work like this.

Chilly's – Dear Big Water
Lyam Bewry:

Campaign for Chilly's Bottles on World Refill Day by Uncommon that writes an open letter to some of the biggest water brands, specifically one's known to come in single-use plastic bottles.

Theatre Royal, Sydney
Christopher Doyle and Co.
Rob Duncan:

A clever symbol, a crown motif extracted from Nervi’s ceiling design, sits at the centre of the identity, intrinsically linking the architecture of the theatre, its name, and its location on King St. Perfect location and perfect copywriting as well.

Super Trash
Jamie Ellul:

I’m in love with this work by my new fave agency Seachange. Supertrash is a disruptive new player in the waste management sector. A small, family-run collection service with a big purpose; to help divert waste from landfill through circular solutions. Seachange have created an iconic globe logo that references the circular economy. Overprinting is utilised to evoke repurposing and recycling, paired with bold pattern and copy.

Imagine if all rubbish collections looked this good.

Australian National Maritime Museum
Jamie Ellul:

Frost’s rebrand of the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney is one of those ‘wish I’d done that’ solutions. Playfully putting the word SEA at the heart of the name and pairing it with a colour palette that’s inspired by the Australian coast. Everything about this project is thoughtfully executed.

Freytag Anderson
Jamie Ellul:

A lovely typographic identity for a no nonsense burger restaurant. A brutally simple name that deserves a brutally simple idea – by sandwiching type between two dashes Freytag Anderson’s identity immediately communicates all you need to know. The special sauce on this one is the cheeky copy and lovely playful typography. Spot on.