The Mistranslations Project
Shabnam Shiwan:

Love this work by Sumita Maharaj at Re. The Mistranslations Project was created in response to non-sensical COVID-19 messaging released by the Australian government. It asked linguistically diverse creatives to reimagine this messaging in their own language. By actively engaging those directly impacted, it aimed to show a more inclusive and effective way to reach diverse communities with critical information.

See more about the project here.

The Exquisite Gucci Campaign
Rob Duncan:

Being a Stanley Kubrick fan since being forced to watch A Clockwork Orange during my Art School days, this new campaign for Gucci really stood out this week. Alessandro Michele’s campaign, meticulously recreates scenes from 2001: A Space Odyssey, A ClockworkOrange, Barry Lyndon, The Shining and Eyes Wide shut. This must have taken a lot of time and a lot of money to recreate so exactly — beautiful work.

GT Planar Microsite
Grilli Type & Patrick Savolainen
Lyam Bewry:

Grilli Type's latest font by Dominik Huber pushes the online type specimen to new levels. Combining elements of sci-fi with typographic details, it highlights parts of the font that make it unique, as well as makes for unique presentation.

See the microsite here.

Porto Rocha
Lyam Bewry:

Graphic identity designed by Porto Rocha for Vevo – the leading music video network. It features a graphic system (reminiscent of flicking through album art on the iPod) that flexes and rolls out beautifully across the touch-points.

Think Packaging
Jamie Ellul:

Think Packaging are a design-led structural packaging agency based in New Zealand. Fellow Kiwis Seachange have given them a new identity that takes the humble cardboard box and elevates it to hero status. It’s artfully done, both playful and slick – with pitch perfect art direction and photography that’s beautifully simple. Topped with great copy and endless details; such as a cutting matt inspired backdrop to website menu and typography that’s as sharp as a Swann Morton. Top marks (and folds).

Childline: Nobody is Normal
Rowdy and Blink
Mike Reed:

Such a brilliant, piercingly truthful concept, beautifully realised. And incredibly important in the midst of a mental health crisis for young people. It's scooping up awards right now and quite right too.

Ragged Edge
Jamie Ellul:

Loving this playful identity for Multiply by Ragged Edge. Multiply is a new fintech co who are making personal wealth management easy and accessible. Ragged Edge have positioned the brand cleverly to reframe financial planning from net worth to self worth. Everything about this project is so charming – great bunny eared logotype, killer copy lines, cuddly typography and quirky little rabbits hopping all over the place. Simple idea pulled off beautifully.

Cyan and hot pink should always be seen
Quality collaborations inspire a generation
Andrew Ashton:

The music of Thom Yorke, Johnny Winter and Radiohead has spirited a generation of designers to get lost in their heads, by continually demonstrating where quality creativity and collaboration can go.

Suspirium by Thom Yorke, taken from Suspiria, music for the Luca Guadagnino film is an animation work by RUFFMERCY. The simplicity, the visual charge of the crunchy dancer getting lost in Yorke’s dreamy piano is a sublime example of image-making complimenting a musical gesture.

Watch Suspirum here