The Tubeworks
Common Curiosity
Lyam Bewry:

Brand identity and environmental work by Common Curiosity for The Tubeworks — a former tube and pipe manufacturing factory, now working spaces for businesses in Digbeth, Birmingham.

A bygone visual language of tubes provides a perfect metaphor for building connections and a 'T' shaped symbol.

This is elevated even further with wonderfully original three dimensional tube signage.

Red Dot Studio
Alex Swatridge:

On first seeing the logo and the tap, I thought "that's lovely", along with the ® symbol placement – another very nice detail. On further reading I found out that the name is derived from the tap 'flipping' between delivering hot, cold, filtered, sparkling and boiling water. Then I loved it even more.

Visit Red Dot Studio's website here.

Lichen Standard Clock
Lyam Bewry:

A lovely clock design by Brooklyn-based design studio Order and built by Lichen. Hand constructed with Baltic birch, each outward face of the cube is used for each face of a clock representing the four timezones of the US.

Winter Wonderland
Lyam Bewry:

Nice visual identity by Gretel in partnership with Bedstuy Gateway BID for their annual Winter Wonderland holiday market. The 'W.W.' mark translates into different seasonally inspired shapes and forms. See more about the project here.

Arizona Type Specimen
Hanzer Liccini
Lyam Bewry:

Lovely flip-book that illustrates the two sides of ABC Arizona, a variable font released by Dinamo that can modulate between serif and sans-serif.

The type specimen, by studio Hanzer Licini, mirrors Arizona’s countless combinations through its split structure and ability to mix and match.

EAST Films
Rice Studios
Mike Reed:

One of those chef's-kiss logo ideas that requires no explanation. And a sharp, simple identity system built around it. Classic.

Home Street Home
Brian Singer
Lyam Bewry:

An ongoing series by Brian Singer aka Someguy aimed at raising awareness of the rising number of unhoused people in San Francisco.

The local artist uses hand-painted sleeping bags on street railings as a means of spreading the message. The installations are temporary, and the sleeping bags are intended to be taken by anyone that needs one.

Crocodile Cradle
A Practice for Everyday Life
Dominic Hofstede:

A typically thoughtful and sensitive project by A Practice for Everyday Life. Crocodile Cradle was an exhibition held on three platforms: a filmed online performance, a publication, and a text collage installed on PEER's glass façade in east London. The artist Simon Moretti invited 51 artists to supply a text that they have written or found, exploring the articulation of social connection during a period of enforced distance.