It Just Works
Wave Agency
Lyam Bewry:

Campaign for Brother printers by New Zealand based Wave Agency.

The refreshing, matter of fact approach pairs perfectly with the job of a printer in our fast-moving, pushing for the 'next big thing' society. (Side note, these ads would be a hit here in San Francisco.)

The default art direction and type treatment, like the campaign, just works.

The Tubeworks
Common Curiosity
Lyam Bewry:

Brand identity and environmental work by Common Curiosity for The Tubeworks — a former tube and pipe manufacturing factory, now working spaces for businesses in Digbeth, Birmingham.

A bygone visual language of tubes provides a perfect metaphor for building connections and a 'T' shaped symbol.

This is elevated even further with wonderfully original three dimensional tube signage.

Lichen Standard Clock
Lyam Bewry:

A lovely clock design by Brooklyn-based design studio Order and built by Lichen. Hand constructed with Baltic birch, each outward face of the cube is used for each face of a clock representing the four timezones of the US.

Jam Packed Honey
Studio Unbound
Lyam Bewry:

Packaging design for Jam Packed Honey by Glasgow-based Studio Unbound.

The labels play on the clever observation of the jar form factor and transparency, creating a bee stripe system with just a few elements making for a beautiful, restrained design.

Still Missing
Gio Castranova
Lyam Bewry:

Still Missing is a book documenting the folk art of lost & found pet posters. The project, by Gio Castranova who self-confesses he is neither a graphic designer or artist but just a huge lover of pets and found beauty, captures a huge range of posters from all over L.A. County, from the sentimental to the obscene.

More information about the book is available here.

Stephen Grace
Lyam Bewry:

Limited edition zine by Stephen Grace about words that can be found within the HEX colour code system, featuring regular and 'leetspeak' spellings (numbers that replace letters). A nice touch are the page colours that represent the actually HEX colour values.

Winter Wonderland
Lyam Bewry:

Nice visual identity by Gretel in partnership with Bedstuy Gateway BID for their annual Winter Wonderland holiday market. The 'W.W.' mark translates into different seasonally inspired shapes and forms. See more about the project here.

Arizona Type Specimen
Hanzer Liccini
Lyam Bewry:

Lovely flip-book that illustrates the two sides of ABC Arizona, a variable font released by Dinamo that can modulate between serif and sans-serif.

The type specimen, by studio Hanzer Licini, mirrors Arizona’s countless combinations through its split structure and ability to mix and match.