Design Studio
Mike Reed:

This is a lovely identity overall, but it's that achingly perfect mark that stands out. It’s such a fun concept, executed with exquisite precision – without losing any of its energy or life. No mean feat. I could just sit and stare at that G for an unhealthy amount of time.

EAST Films
Rice Studios
Mike Reed:

One of those chef's-kiss logo ideas that requires no explanation. And a sharp, simple identity system built around it. Classic.

The British Hat Guild
Counter Studio
Mike Reed:

A perfect concept that needs no explanation from me. I’m a sucker for this sort of negative-space concept, and this one works so perfectly it gives me an ache in the chest. Beautiful.

Eames Institute
Mike Reed:

A beautifully simple, charming identity to meet one of those briefs that might easily feel overwhelming. Balancing respect for the heritage with a playful lightness of touch is an incredibly delicate business. Manual have pulled it off magnificently. That curious e is a masterstroke.

Mike Reed:

This is such a simple, elegant idea, crafted to perfection. The juxtaposition in the name is beautifully dramatised by the colour blocks – forming, of course, an L shape. The way it shrinks and grows – from little to more and little again – is so pleasing to watch. Chic, smart, unfussy but distinctive. Gorgeous.

Childline: Nobody is Normal
Rowdy and Blink
Mike Reed:

Such a brilliant, piercingly truthful concept, beautifully realised. And incredibly important in the midst of a mental health crisis for young people. It's scooping up awards right now and quite right too.

Studio More + Reed Words
Mike Reed:

A self-interested post, but we’re very proud of this work with Studio More on the rebrand of sustainable skincare startup UpCircle. The previous name, Optiat (One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure), was a bit opaque (and sounded like eye care). UpCircle points directly to the brand’s mission to ‘upcycle’ discarded ingredients like coffee grounds into skincare products. Allied to a beautiful identity by Studio More, the name completes a rebrand that speaks of both luxury and sustainability.

Monotype: One of a kind
SEA Design
Mike Reed:

This is the sort of line that has writers seething with envy. A strapline hidden in the brand name itself, which becomes a perfect reflection and extension of that name, adding a delightfully unforced layer of meaning and wit. Perfect. (If I can find out who wrote it, I’ll add them a credit!) Lovely identity by SEA, too.