de Sade
Keith Cunningham
Mike Dempsey:

From an early age, my local library was a sanctuary for me. It was more about looking than reading. During visits in my teens, I acquired the guilty pleasure of 'liberating' book jackets from their hardcovers. In 1963, age nineteen, I was thumbing through some new arrivals on the shelves and pulled out this book. I was overwhelmed by the stark simplicity of its cover, just two colour line and an idea. What it taught me was that being limited expands the imagination. Styles fade, ideas endure. The cover was designed by Keith Cunningham (1929-2014). Fifty-eight years on, this little gem still gives me a thrill.

Bootleg (D&AD) Annual 2020
Rhys Hughes & Barret Helander
Lyam Bewry:

In 2020 D&AD decided not to do a printed annual, a yearly book of some of the best advertising and design that year, adored and collected by many. Rhys Hughes and Barret Helander took this opportunity to create a bootleg annual, manually sourcing all the content themselves and giving the people what they wanted.

Oliver Wigglesworth
Jamie Ellul:

“Isolation” is a creative response to the lockdown in the UK. The tabloid sized monograph showcases a range of images that Photography By Anderson shot in isolation; capturing the strange emptiness of the streets and portraits of neighbours, who also share their thoughts and feelings about the crisis. Design by Olly Wigglesworth sees all copy (edited by writer Joe Colman) printed on the reverse of the paper to create a visual barrier. Simples.

Our Type of Food
The Click
Jamie Ellul:

‘Our Type of Food’ is an own label range of food and drink by department store, Jarrold. With 250 years of history, the Jarrold family business was once an established printing and publishing firm. The Click have created a name, identity and packaging solution that references this rich printing heritage. Artworks have been created using their very own collection of letterpress type and Jarrold’s historic printing presses. A gift of a solution and one that tells a truly unique back story.

Video Games
Supple Studio
Alex Swatridge:

For the inner child in all of us, Supple Studio and Bitmap Books have brought to life classic British Video Games for Royal Mail across stamps and products. There are lots of lovely details and hidden gems including Geoff Hurst’s 66 world cup goal and UV messages from the original gameplay. I was a pretty big Lemmings fan myself. As they said themselves ‘a complete dream job’.

Paul Belford Ltd.
Rob Duncan:

A wonderful identity, beautifully and cleverly crafted by Paul Belford Ltd. for a Thai restaurant. It’s been years since  I did some marbling. Perfectly representing the lovely spices being blended together. The logo, represents a flower, alluding to the fact that ‘Busaba’ can mean ‘flower’ in Thai. The petals of the flower logo are heart-shaped, drawing on two of the important philosophies that inform Busaba’s culture: ‘sookjai’ and ‘namjai’. ‘Sookjai’, meaning ‘happy heart’. Very tasty!

Rail Road
Bob Young:

Rail Road is an exceptional project designed by Pacifica. The book is the print documentary of a film about the Portuguese surfer Nic von Rupp, directed by Gustavo Imigrante. Remarkably they have managed to create a physical piece that not only serves as a companion to the film but works as a compelling standalone book.

Teach them to fish, (or be creative)…
Keri Smith
Andrew Ashton:

Many designers around the world understand that creative thinking can make a difference, and yet only a few people outside of the creative field understand the difference it can make. This publication by Keri Smith takes a long term view to solve the community’s creative deficit, by inspiring the next generation to creatively challenge the status quo via exploring ideas and process that are in our everyday.

Wreck this Journal
Keri Smith
ISBN 978 0141 97614 3

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