Content form context
Bob Young:

CFC has developed an elegant packaging range for underwear brand Vivevive. Simple and expressive illustrations are used to great effect, creating striking and unpretentious expressions of the products and the bodies that wear them.

Anton & Irene
Rob Duncan:

Fantastic idea for a watch. Tell the time with an Hourglass. Anton Repponen of design studio Anton & Irene created this very analog, brilliant idea. You can purchase the watches online here.

The Daddy Long Legs
Voice Design
Christopher Doyle:

The Daddy Long Legs is an extremely rare and special fortified wine, making it one of Australia’s most expensive fortifieds. Its production is limited to the contents of only two remaining barrels set aside for over 40 years, making its quantity limited and its quality exceptional. The barrel shed that housed the wine is inhabited by hundreds of ‘Daddy Long Leg’ spiders who have kept a watchful eye over these barrels for decades. Incredible idea and next level production by Voice Design.

Start Rite
Studio Sutherl&
Paul Felton:

Studio Sutherl& have rebranded long standing children’s footwear brand Start Rite. A core component of the new brand is a playful bespoke typeface called Typefeet, where the bottom serifs become little feet. Lovely stuff

2017 AGDA Awards
Christopher Doyle:

Last weekend saw Canberra host the 2017 AGDA Awards. While there was a selection of well-deserved wins for some incredible work there was also, in my opinion, a stack of amazing work that was not recognised. Here’s a small selection of work that didn’t win and left me scratching my head. Vista by Voice Design, Dasher + Fisher by Co-Partnership, Bare Witness by RE, Shortys by The Colour Club, Shop Around by Toko and D’Angelo Coffee by Band.

B&B Studio
Jamie Ellul:

Really digging this packaging for Firefly – a botanical cocktail drink in collaboration with mixologist Mr Lyan. B&B studio have taken original botanical book illustrations and added colour and texture to make them more contemporary. But the brave bit is that the illustration takes over the front of the bottle, pushing the brand name to the back. Turning traditional beverage packaging on its head whilst providing a level of intrigue and innovation. Love it.

GREK tea
Design by Interabang
Alex Swatridge:

GREK are a new range of high quality herbal teas from Greece. Interabang have created a brand that steers clear of Greek clichés and have instead taken inspiration from the Xysta tiles of Pyrgi, where the founder took childhood trips. The result is powerful, unique and memorable. Beautiful details include the short stories describing each flavour, with charming illustrations & words by Claire Curtis and Scott Perry.

London Tea – Duty Free Packs
Pencil Studio
Jamie Ellul:

London’s airport duty free shops tend to be filled with horrible products covered in bad London clichés. This range of teas from The London Tea Co take this clichéd language (beef eaters, city bankers, policemen etc) and create a charming set of collectible tins. Based on the simple idea of the classic consequences game – combining heads, bodies and legs to make fun combos and lend a memorable twist.