Nike Air Shop
The New Company
Bob Young:

Beautifully alternative and charming work from The New Company for Airshop by Nike manages to feel both retro and progressive in its art direction. Airshop is a new initiative by Nike to feature and celebrate all of its air products into one place. The New Company were responsible for creating a flexible graphic language and art direction that ties together a wide variety of products into a cohesive environment.

Rail Road
Bob Young:

Rail Road is an exceptional project designed by Pacifica. The book is the print documentary of a film about the Portuguese surfer Nic von Rupp, directed by Gustavo Imigrante. Remarkably they have managed to create a physical piece that not only serves as a companion to the film but works as a compelling standalone book.

Bob Young:

DIA has created a new visual identity for Squarespace influenced by New York City. The city is the birthplace of the brand and a big part of their heritage. DIA has broken down and combined elements of NYC’s architecture and attitude to create a distinctive kinetic look and feel. DIA also collaborated with Optimo Foundry to create Clackson, a custom typeface designed specifically for Squarespace.

Content form context
Bob Young:

CFC has developed an elegant packaging range for underwear brand Vivevive. Simple and expressive illustrations are used to great effect, creating striking and unpretentious expressions of the products and the bodies that wear them.