Helga Stentzel
Lyam Bewry:

Clever, reductive animal illustrations created by Helga Stentzel using items you'd find on a washing line.

Walworth Garden
Studio Sutherland
Alex Swatridge:

A community space in an urban environment. Studio Sutherland wanted to reflect the ideas of growth, support & building through the branding. They achieved this through graphic tessellating shapes which can used as building blocks. They also represent the diverse range of activities going on within the space, from learning to therapy. The identity is based on nine leaf ‘venations’ – the intrinsic structures within every plant leaf. Even the identity itself becomes a vehicle for teaching.

Methods in creating peace-of-mind
Andrew Ashton:

A cat lover Peter Gutter lived near a hazardous local road. After 11 cats were struck and killed, Peter put his mind to preventing this personal tragedy.

Peter’s idea was to slow the traffic down. Some would lobby the local council for speed humps and signs; Peter drew from his Dutch heritage and love of colour to a create an unforgettable spectacle. A forty-year quest for peace-of-mind inspired an unconventional landmark.

View a video of the story here

Museo Morelense de Arte Contemporáneo
Sociedad Anónima
Brent Couchman:

Sociedad Anónima has created an identity for The Museo Morelense de Arte Contemporáneo (MMAC) Juan Soriano, a new art museum in Cuernavaca. The solution perfectly reflects the architectural features of the museum, creating a subtle and distinctive identity through a single custom typeface.

Studio More + Reed Words
Mike Reed:

A self-interested post, but we’re very proud of this work with Studio More on the rebrand of sustainable skincare startup UpCircle. The previous name, Optiat (One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure), was a bit opaque (and sounded like eye care). UpCircle points directly to the brand’s mission to ‘upcycle’ discarded ingredients like coffee grounds into skincare products. Allied to a beautiful identity by Studio More, the name completes a rebrand that speaks of both luxury and sustainability.

Bryon Close Estate
Jim Sutherland:

A housing estate in Thamesmead, South London. The estate is divided by a concrete dual carriageway. The derelict spaces beneath the flyover have become hot spots for anti-social behaviour. These spaces will be transformed into exciting areas for arts & recreation.Inspired by the green spaces that surround the estate and re-created local animals as giant sculptures, cast in concrete. Illustrations were by Rebecca Sutherland. A beautiful Concrete Jungle.

Issho Restaurant
Jim Sutherland:

Issho translates as ‘together’ in Japanese, so the idea of ’togetherness’ was a theme throughout, with the Japanese art of kintsugi (repairing broken pottery with gold) being at the core. 3 bespoke patterns were created with Eley Kishimoto. The restaurant is based in Leeds, so the British pattern features the white rose of Yorkshire, the Japanese pattern was created with an ichimatsu stream reference. Light boxes were used for directional signs to reference traditional Japanese paper lamps.

Paul Felton:

Habito is a disruptive new mortgage service that combines artificial intelligence with truly impartial advice. Expressing Habito’s purpose, MultiAdaptor created a brand language born from the ‘little lift’ that Habito provides, by making the usually heavy, painful and arduous process of getting a mortgage, altogether simpler and easier.