Groupe Le Monde Signage System
Dominic Hofstede:

An elegant and intelligent wayfinding system by Norwegian multi-disciplinary firm Snøhetta for the Groupe Le Monde Headquarters in Paris. The concept pays tribute to the tradition and art of newspaper typography and printing.

Three Beers
Alt Group
Dominic Hofstede:

A self promotion for Alt Group from a few years back that is both minimal and magnificent. If the pun escapes you, ask a NZ friend to say ‘three bears’ …

Food Society
Dominic Hofstede:

A simple idea executed well by Bleed. The Food Society logo embodies the idea of community; the collective ‘O’ represents the shared point where different kitchens come together under one roof in Norway's only “dine-in-first” restaurant concept.

FA Cup Royal Mail Stamps
The Chase
Lyam Bewry:

The Chase pushing the format of special edition British stamps – by removing the typical white-space on one edge, they've created goal posts around each image.

Achilles Hell Run Club
Oliver Hilliker
Lyam Bewry:

Branding by designer Oliver Hilliker for Achilles Hell and its Run Club. Simply by using the slanted cut of the font, the Run Club get a high energy look whereby the 'R' legs are a perfect visual manifestation of running.

Paul Garbett
Rob Duncan:

A series exploring the vernacular of the ubiquitous Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs), Canvasses were made to the proportions of the testing units.

de Sade
Keith Cunningham
Mike Dempsey:

From an early age, my local library was a sanctuary for me. It was more about looking than reading. During visits in my teens, I acquired the guilty pleasure of 'liberating' book jackets from their hardcovers. In 1963, age nineteen, I was thumbing through some new arrivals on the shelves and pulled out this book. I was overwhelmed by the stark simplicity of its cover, just two colour line and an idea. What it taught me was that being limited expands the imagination. Styles fade, ideas endure. The cover was designed by Keith Cunningham (1929-2014). Fifty-eight years on, this little gem still gives me a thrill.

FRAHM Jackets
Supple Studio
Matt Baxter:

Frahm is a small, family run business dedicated to making beautiful, technical and detailed jackets. Directly opposed to fast fashion, they operate a pre-order only model, avoiding waste and lowering the environmental impact of their products and processes. Supple Studio was invited to design packaging for these robust, weather-ready jackets. The studio's solution was to fully embrace Frahm's 'Tough Beautiful' mantra, designing a gorgeous range of outer boxes, each featuring a naturally resilient British insect, photographed at macro scale. Supple also designed a full icon set, as well as detailed inner packaging elements and a bespoke outer tape, playfully referencing Frahm's commitment to support mental health charity Mind.