G’ ay Mate
Interbrand Australia
Luke Robertson:

A brilliant take on a very Aussie colloquialism for a campaign for marriage equality in Australia. Best of all, Australia voted yes. See the full case study on Interbrand.

Monotype: One of a kind
SEA Design
Mike Reed:

This is the sort of line that has writers seething with envy. A strapline hidden in the brand name itself, which becomes a perfect reflection and extension of that name, adding a delightfully unforced layer of meaning and wit. Perfect. (If I can find out who wrote it, I’ll add them a credit!) Lovely identity by SEA, too.

Millbank Farm
Jack Renwick Studio
Jamie Ellul:

Really dig (pun intended) this new identity for Millbank Farm by Jack Renwick Studio. A family-run farm on the same site since 1889, producing top-quality turnips, leeks and chickens. A great logo based on the furrows leads to a bold graphic lino-cut style illustration approach that feels just right. Great strapline too.

D&AD’s 2017 Annual
Studio Sutherl&
Maisie Benson:

Studio Sutherl&’s design for the 2017 D&AD Annual cleverly reinstates the Annual as the Design Bible needed in everybody’s lives. Simple covers and multiple ribbons, which the reader can use to bookmark projects they admire, keeps the design both elegant and functional. Copy, written by Nick Asbury, repeatedly uses ampersands (in reference to the & in D&AD) to give the Annual an additional element of personality and ownability.

GREK tea
Design by Interabang
Alex Swatridge:

GREK are a new range of high quality herbal teas from Greece. Interabang have created a brand that steers clear of Greek clichés and have instead taken inspiration from the Xysta tiles of Pyrgi, where the founder took childhood trips. The result is powerful, unique and memorable. Beautiful details include the short stories describing each flavour, with charming illustrations & words by Claire Curtis and Scott Perry.

The art of copywriting
Mytton Williams
Rob Duncan:

Mytton Williams have produced a beautiful and clever set of posters for Ink Copywriters. Using Indian ink and a variety of tools they submerged, brushed, splattered, absorbed and dragged ink across the canvas, illustrating a selection of words through mark making that express a few of the client’s many different tones of voice.

Duck & Dry
Wiedemann Lampe
Jamie Ellul:

Duck & Dry is a new blow dry bar in the heart of Chelsea, London. Designed by Wiedemann Lampe, the brand identity for the new venture revolves around a clever duck-shaped ampersand. Beautifully crafted, it gives the logo a lovely charm and a high end feel. All topped off with a soft duck egg blue colour palette and lots of strong copy.

Camden Market'
Ragged Edge
Jamie Ellul:

This new brand identity for London’s iconic Camden Market is a lovely example of type as a key brand idea. Based on the infamous Camden Market bridge sign – the typeface serves as a flexible way for the market to get across its diversity and history. The resulting black and white identity fits Camden’s non-conformist history perfectly.