Sex Talk
Supple Studio
Maisie Benson:

A cheeky identity for a serious project. Supple Studio have created a logo that cleverly combines sex and conversation, which is then enhanced by a visual identity inspired by the neon signs of Soho sex shops. Additional copywriting kudos for the promotional gif which simply states ‘Coming, March 22nd.’ Love it.

D&AD’s 2017 Annual
Studio Sutherl&
Maisie Benson:

Studio Sutherl&’s design for the 2017 D&AD Annual cleverly reinstates the Annual as the Design Bible needed in everybody’s lives. Simple covers and multiple ribbons, which the reader can use to bookmark projects they admire, keeps the design both elegant and functional. Copy, written by Nick Asbury, repeatedly uses ampersands (in reference to the & in D&AD) to give the Annual an additional element of personality and ownability.