Wolff Olins
Lyam Bewry:

Smart rebrand for Instacart by Wolff Olins in collaboration with Instacart's internal team that brings new meaning and design finesse to their carrot symbol. The application examples so far tease some nice moments for how the new logo and brand system could roll out. Learn more here.

Food Society
Dominic Hofstede:

A simple idea executed well by Bleed. The Food Society logo embodies the idea of community; the collective ‘O’ represents the shared point where different kitchens come together under one roof in Norway's only “dine-in-first” restaurant concept.

Porto Rocha
Lyam Bewry:

Graphic identity designed by Porto Rocha for Vevo – the leading music video network. It features a graphic system (reminiscent of flicking through album art on the iPod) that flexes and rolls out beautifully across the touch-points.

Achilles Hell Run Club
Oliver Hilliker
Lyam Bewry:

Branding by designer Oliver Hilliker for Achilles Hell and its Run Club. Simply by using the slanted cut of the font, the Run Club get a high energy look whereby the 'R' legs are a perfect visual manifestation of running.

FRAHM Jackets
Supple Studio
Matt Baxter:

Frahm is a small, family run business dedicated to making beautiful, technical and detailed jackets. Directly opposed to fast fashion, they operate a pre-order only model, avoiding waste and lowering the environmental impact of their products and processes. Supple Studio was invited to design packaging for these robust, weather-ready jackets. The studio's solution was to fully embrace Frahm's 'Tough Beautiful' mantra, designing a gorgeous range of outer boxes, each featuring a naturally resilient British insect, photographed at macro scale. Supple also designed a full icon set, as well as detailed inner packaging elements and a bespoke outer tape, playfully referencing Frahm's commitment to support mental health charity Mind.

Think Packaging
Jamie Ellul:

Think Packaging are a design-led structural packaging agency based in New Zealand. Fellow Kiwis Seachange have given them a new identity that takes the humble cardboard box and elevates it to hero status. It’s artfully done, both playful and slick – with pitch perfect art direction and photography that’s beautifully simple. Topped with great copy and endless details; such as a cutting matt inspired backdrop to website menu and typography that’s as sharp as a Swann Morton. Top marks (and folds).

Mike Reed:

This is such a simple, elegant idea, crafted to perfection. The juxtaposition in the name is beautifully dramatised by the colour blocks – forming, of course, an L shape. The way it shrinks and grows – from little to more and little again – is so pleasing to watch. Chic, smart, unfussy but distinctive. Gorgeous.

Ateljé Altmann
Luke Robertson:

A symbol to rally around designed by Ateljé Altmann promoting people stay home and support the health care system during the COVID-19 pandemic.