Designer Fund, Bridge Poster Series
Marc Catala:

Moniker’s Bridge Poster Series links business diagram language with abstract graphic purism in an effortless and natural manner. It is easier said than done: whilst both languages can visually connect, it is still testing to do so in a way that looks fresh and elegant. It demands not getting too obvious, too abstract or too pretentious. This graceful approach allows for form and color to respond to content, and even generate new meaning through the image. Inspiring work.

Marcos Navarro
Marc Catala:

Binomio is an exhibition by Marcos Navarro. He has designed a logo for it. A very simple image which represents the concept of binomial, cutting the two ‘o’s in two halves, making two separate letters united by form. An exquisite way of showing two halves within a word (not a single initial letter, like most symbols), something very difficult to do without affecting legibility or looking daft. And its an abstract concept too! A logo I wish I had done.

Halt and Catch Fire Credits
Patrick Claire, Antibody
Marc Catala:

We follow an electronic impulse in a super augmented image, all the way from the guts of the machine to the main chip that starts it all, and see the initial blipping light of the computer. Striking, visual, meaningful, relevant. From the guy who did the first True Detective credits. Bravo.

Nabokov Covers
John Gall
Marc Catala:

Nabokov used to collect butterflies in butterfly boxes. This collection of covers is not only relevant to the content, but also generates a very usefull cover system while producing delicate and meaningful results.