Bryon Close Estate
Jim Sutherland:

A housing estate in Thamesmead, South London. The estate is divided by a concrete dual carriageway. The derelict spaces beneath the flyover have become hot spots for anti-social behaviour. These spaces will be transformed into exciting areas for arts & recreation.Inspired by the green spaces that surround the estate and re-created local animals as giant sculptures, cast in concrete. Illustrations were by Rebecca Sutherland. A beautiful Concrete Jungle.

Issho Restaurant
Jim Sutherland:

Issho translates as ‘together’ in Japanese, so the idea of ’togetherness’ was a theme throughout, with the Japanese art of kintsugi (repairing broken pottery with gold) being at the core. 3 bespoke patterns were created with Eley Kishimoto. The restaurant is based in Leeds, so the British pattern features the white rose of Yorkshire, the Japanese pattern was created with an ichimatsu stream reference. Light boxes were used for directional signs to reference traditional Japanese paper lamps.

Sideways Dictionary
Nick Asbury
Jim Sutherland:

The Sideways Dictionary a collaborative online tool that explains technological issues using everyday analogies. Nick Asbury worked with Jigsaw to develop the concept for the dictionary and populate it with initial entries – covering about 300 analogies for 75 terms. It’s open to public contributions as a shared resource for everyone to use. The project has been developed in partnership with the Washington Post. Just read the ‘playing chess with a pigeon’ analogy for ‘troll’.

Walk Through Walls
Mark studio
Jim Sutherland:

Mark Studio have designed a beautifully simple identity for a new charity which looks to help human trafficking victims overcome obstacles by providing job opportunities.

‘I’m an Activist for Action for Children’ Glastonbury
Jim Sutherland:

A beautifully simple idea of using paper hats to get campaign messages across and people actively involved.

NUA signage
Jim Sutherland:

A signage system for Norwich University of the Arts. The building shapes are used as wayfinding icons – linking a series of disparate locations across the city.

Jim Sutherland:

A bedtime book for children (and adults) where hidden images magically appear by torchlight. Illustrated by Rebecca Sutherland.

The Graphic Lexicon
Studio Sutherl&
Jim Sutherland:

A celebration of the stories – fact and folklore – behind English words, symbols and punctuation. How words have been constructed, how syllables come together to create new meanings, and how the meanings themselves morph as the world moves on. The poster is simply the printed sheets from the book – overprinted with the title itself. Published by Sutherl&Bard – the book is available on the website.