Issho translates as ‘together’ in Japanese, so the idea of ’togetherness’ was a theme throughout, with the Japanese art of kintsugi (repairing broken pottery with gold) being at the core. 3 bespoke patterns were created with Eley Kishimoto. The restaurant is based in Leeds, so the British pattern features the white rose of Yorkshire, the Japanese pattern was created with an ichimatsu stream reference. Light boxes were used for directional signs to reference traditional Japanese paper lamps.

The Daddy Long Legs is an extremely rare and special fortified wine, making it one of Australia’s most expensive fortifieds. Its production is limited to the contents of only two remaining barrels set aside for over 40 years, making its quantity limited and its quality exceptional. The barrel shed that housed the wine is inhabited by hundreds of ‘Daddy Long Leg’ spiders who have kept a watchful eye over these barrels for decades. Incredible idea and next level production by Voice Design.

Garbett have designed this little beauty. Needs no explanation whatsoever. (Pay attention Mr Trump!)