Such a beautifully crafted icon and identity. Clever and simple.

For a company that distributes furniture and helps with saving space, this identity program is a great example of restraint—balanced with enough character, and in the most appropriate way, while still ensuring legibility remains. I’m quite a fan of this one…

Not sure which agency did these but very clever indeed. Made me smile!

Teach them to fish, (or be creative)…

A playful, yet thoughtful creative publication by Keri Smith

Many designers around the world understand that creative thinking can make a difference, and yet only a few people outside of the creative field understand the difference it can make. This publication by Keri Smith takes a long term view to solve the community’s creative deficit, by inspiring the next generation to creatively challenge the status quo via exploring ideas and process that are in our everyday.

Wreck this Journal
Keri Smith
ISBN 978 0141 97614 3

Keri’s website

Cyan and hot pink should always be seen

Quality collaborations inspire a generation

The music of Thom Yorke, Johnny Winter and Radiohead has spirited a generation of designers to get lost in their heads, by continually demonstrating where quality creativity and collaboration can go.

Suspirium by Thom Yorke, taken from Suspiria, music for the Luca Guadagnino film is an animation work by RUFFMERCY. The simplicity, the visual charge of the crunchy dancer getting lost in Yorke’s dreamy piano is a sublime example of image-making complimenting a musical gesture.

Watch Suspirum here

Methods in creating peace-of-mind

A wayward designer’s odyssey...

A cat lover Peter Gutter lived near a hazardous local road. After 11 cats were struck and killed, Peter put his mind to preventing this personal tragedy.

Peter’s idea was to slow the traffic down. Some would lobby the local council for speed humps and signs; Peter drew from his Dutch heritage and love of colour to a create an unforgettable spectacle. A forty-year quest for peace-of-mind inspired an unconventional landmark.

View a video of the story here