The simplicity of this cover belies its depth. Red conveys passion, anger, danger, and a sense of alarm. It’s also the Republican Party colour—and a colour associated with Russia.

The tight crop suggests an up-close and personal encounter, but with a hint of claustrophobia as things tighten in on Trump. The image itself has ominous overtones.

The title also has multiple interpretations, considering Trump is obviously fearful of the Russia probe and his growing legal battles.

Free on a Tree

Oliver Edwards

I had the pleasure of speaking alongside Oliver Edwards in Hobart. Oliver has had a brilliant idea to help those in need throughout the city. He has collected hundreds of coats and hung them around trees in parks with a sticker “Free on a Tree. If you need this it’s yours”. A great idea that is making such a big difference. It’s definitely something that should take off in San Francisco. You can watch Oliver’s movie here. Or follow him on Facebook @freeonatree

A housing estate in Thamesmead, South London. The estate is divided by a concrete dual carriageway. The derelict spaces beneath the flyover have become hot spots for anti-social behaviour. These spaces will be transformed into exciting areas for arts & recreation.Inspired by the green spaces that surround the estate and re-created local animals as giant sculptures, cast in concrete. Illustrations were by Rebecca Sutherland. A beautiful Concrete Jungle.