Brilliant identity for the Swiss Architecture Museum by Claudia Basel. I particularly like how the exhibition posters allow for an individual typographic treatment based on the architectural image while still working consistently as a identity. Plus, many of these posters are available for purchase on the SAM website. I may pick up a few!

The Barnes Foundation contains one of the most significant holdings of Matisse in the world. This definitive three-volume catalogue of the artist at the museum is an utterly wonderful piece of editorial design by Abbott Miller & Kim Walker at Pentagram. It is bold and surprising and yet pitch-perfect. It’s one of the most beautiful – and most considered – book projects I’ve seen in recent years.

Dn&Co have designed a poster titled ‘Lungs of London’. The poster depicts the city’s green spaces screen-printed in fluorescent ink and the Thames picked out in varnish. First attributed to William Pitt the Elder, the phrase is often used to defend these life-giving parks and squares against the pressures of urban development. A simple, beautifully crafted green statement. Thanks to Astrid Stavro for the tip.

Hesselholdt & Mejlvang

Studio Claus Due

Here’s a little taste of Copenhagen based design practice Studio Claus Due. The Hesselholdt & Mejlvang project is a wonderful display of minimal conceptual driven work combined with very refined typographic skill. I highly recommend digging through more of their projects. A lot of fantastic work.