We can all agree this US election has been depressing, with few bright spots – and thank you Scotland for the best one!

Trump tweeted he was proud of them leaving Europe during Brexit, except Scotland voted to stay by 62% – and they let Trump know what they thought of him.

JP Stallard took these lyrical quotes and injected some fun colours and type to showcase the Scots magical use of language

Message from the Unseen World

United Visual Artists, Futurity, Nick Drake

The underside of Bishop’s Bridge Road, near Paddington, hosts a moving tribute to pioneering mathematician, code-breaker and father of computer science — Alan Turing, entitled Message from the Unseen World. The text is a poem by poet and playwright Nick Drake which sees Turing speaking posthumously about his life, complete with coded versions of extracts from Turing’s text that disintegrate and fracture as new words replace the previous ones.

Yo Sushi

Paul Belford Ltd.

A beautiful new brand for Yo Sushi by Paul Belford Ltd. The graphic ideas and colors throughout are stunning and clever in concept. The brand guidelines are particularly clever, presented as a Bento box with fish and chips (for materials and color palettes).

Brewster Murray

Frost* Collective

They never fail to find the gift at Frost* Collective. Couldn’t be simpler, an elegant strong ‘B’/’M’ and feeling architectural with several levels at the same time. Smart by design indeed!