By Rob Duncan (5)

A lovely Rebus logo solution by Pentagram for the Heart & Stroke Foundation in Canada. Beautifully bold and simple. It couldn’t and shouldn’t be anything else. Perfect for fulfilling the bilingual requirements of Canada.

Yo Sushi

Paul Belford Ltd.

A beautiful new brand for Yo Sushi by Paul Belford Ltd. The graphic ideas and colors throughout are stunning and clever in concept. The brand guidelines are particularly clever, presented as a Bento box with fish and chips (for materials and color palettes).

Brewster Murray

Frost* Collective

They never fail to find the gift at Frost* Collective. Couldn’t be simpler, an elegant strong ‘B’/’M’ and feeling architectural with several levels at the same time. Smart by design indeed!

A lovely little identity for M11 studio. A nice gift to find. Beautifully crafted and lends itself to a unique pattern too.