By Rob Duncan (5)

Pentagram have designed a construction fence that also acts as an outdoor gallery. Canvases showcasing some of the Museum’s content are leant up against each other as if they were in an artists’ studio. Cleverly titled ‘Constructionism’ Paul Scher describes the project – “…the artworks are literally out on the street, Constructionism is a celebration of what the Museum does, which is make art accessible to the city.”

Dn&Co have designed a poster titled ‘Lungs of London’. The poster depicts the city’s green spaces screen-printed in fluorescent ink and the Thames picked out in varnish. First attributed to William Pitt the Elder, the phrase is often used to defend these life-giving parks and squares against the pressures of urban development. A simple, beautifully crafted green statement. Thanks to Astrid Stavro for the tip.

Sports Series

Malika Favre

Malika Favre is a French artist based in London. Her bold, graphic illustration style cleverly uses positive and negative space as well as light to create depth and intrigue. Her Sports series is now available for purchase at her online store.

Shop Around designed by Toko in Australia is an identity for an online creative store. The identity cleverly refers to the printed vernacular of the sticky price tags that we’ve all seen at corner stores throughout the world. Taking an age old process to brand a modern online experience is always a winner. A lovely trick using the diecut to create the ‘o’s.

Dia have produced a beautiful set of typographic covers for A-Trak. Each cover is a clever interpretation of the track title. All produced in black and white, many of the concepts were derived from the animated version of the title as opposed to the flat graphic idea. This created a set of covers that work extremely well when static and moving—a perfect solution for social media applications and print. More here.