By Rob Duncan (3)

A notable year

Mytton Williams

Every year Mytton Williams designs a calendar to send out to their clients and friends. This year is a notable year for them, celebrating 20 years in business. This became the inspiration for their 2016 calendar– a trip through history and other notable dates as you peel off one event every day. The extra challenge was to think of a creative, typographic idea to go with each one – all 366 days. The calendars measure 75mm square and 36mm high and are available to buy here.

Fort Point brewery resides in a historic Presidio building that was formerly used as an Army motor pool. Their iconic location—close to both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Fort Point National Historic Site—provided inspiration for a modular, illustrative brand identity.

Designed by Manual, this is definitely the most well crafted craft beer out there. It’s a lovely idea, immaculately applied across all of the brand deliverables. The beer tastes great too.

From Babies with Love

Paul Belford Ltd

It’s often hard to do a brand for children and keep it elegant and sophisticated enough to appeal to parents. But Paul Belford Ltd managed it beautifully with ‘From Babies with Love’. Such a simple, witty, well crafted use of the postage stamp. It nods to the late great Alan Fletcher, and there’s nothing wrong with that.