By Paul Felton (5)

A lesson in how craft can turn what could have easily been a clichéd application of a well known landmark into a wonderful piece of design. The hero of the new identity by Graphéine for the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau is a striking, minimalist typogram that in application, is used as ‘window on Paris’ to hold lovely Parisian illustrations by Séverin Millet. Magnifique!

Brand Bard

By MultiAdaptor

Shakespeare Lives is an international programme of events to celebrate Shakespeare’s life and work, on the 400th anniversary of his death. The ‘Shakespeare Lives’, logo is activated with the word ’in’ to create a flexible system to communicate the myriad of places where Shakespeare still ‘lives’ today. Typography is anchored to the name in a series of blocks that are a homage to the historical print process of hot metal typesetting that typified the posters and programmes of Shakespearian times.

Transport for London have launched a new poster project that celebrates the 100th anniversary of Edward Johnston’s iconic typeface for the London Underground. Some lovely designs from the likes of Alan Kitching, Magpie Studio, SEA and The Beautiful Meme show just how relevant the 100 year old typeface still is today.

Howies packaging

Carter Wong Design

Carter Wong Design have translated the thinking behind their unique headline font ‘Castan’, for ethical clothing company Howies, into some lovely e-commerce packaging. A slice from an old Acer tree was inked up, printed and given quirky individual treatments detailing the many varied activities Howies customers engage in.


By Emuni

Not many words required for this one — beautiful, brave, simple. Clever posters for a photography exhibition called LOADING by Y.Tanaka.