By Paul Felton (5)

Message from the Unseen World

United Visual Artists, Futurity, Nick Drake

The underside of Bishop’s Bridge Road, near Paddington, hosts a moving tribute to pioneering mathematician, code-breaker and father of computer science — Alan Turing, entitled Message from the Unseen World. The text is a poem by poet and playwright Nick Drake which sees Turing speaking posthumously about his life, complete with coded versions of extracts from Turing’s text that disintegrate and fracture as new words replace the previous ones.

Agatha Christie stamps

Studio Sutherl& Neil Webb

Royal Mail have released a set of six commemorative stamps to mark the centenary of Agatha Christie writing her first detective story. The stamps, designed by Studio Sutherl& and illustrated by Neil Webb, depict a complex plot in one single frame, together with hidden clues only revealed with UV light, heat, in negative space or by using a magnifying glass.