By Mike Reed (5)

This is the sort of line that has writers seething with envy. A strapline hidden in the brand name itself, which becomes a perfect reflection and extension of that name, adding a delightfully unforced layer of meaning and wit. Perfect. (If I can find out who wrote it, I’ll add them a credit!) Lovely identity by SEA, too.


Argos is a British retail institution. So updating their brand is a big deal. As well as developing the new Argos voice, alongside The Partners, Reed Words have written packaging copy for four own-label ranges. Simple Value is just that: the simplest products, at great value. Our copy style celebrates the simplicity, and adds a twist. And once we’d written about 50 pack lines, the Argos team have been able to follow our guidelines and complete the full range of around 140.

Reed Words


Is it bad to post your own identity? The thing is, I love it so much, I’d want to post it even if it wasn’t ours. It’s so exactly right for our brief, it immediately seemed the obvious – and only possible – solution. We each have a set of business cards with different words on each. And we’re finding all sorts of fun ways to use the identity – not least building a physical version for the studio wall.