By John Dowling (3)

Made In Italy—Bodoni In Print is an exhibition, designed by SEA, that takes you through a journey of typography. The exhibition is a chance to experience first-hand early unseen archive material and Bodoni’s contemporary influence across graphic design with works by Massimo Vignelli, Paul Rand, Karl Gerstner, Peter Saville, Fabien Baron, Heinz Waibl and Bruno Monguzzi.

Napoli Poster

John McConnell

‘The solution is in the problem. If you can’t see the solution it’s because you don’t know what the problem is.’ John McConnell


NB Studio

When you take a brand, established in the 1960s, suffering from both fatigue and increased competition and add design heavyweights like NB Studio, Michael Wolff and Ivan Chermayeff (amongst others) into the mix, this is what you get.