By Astrid Stavro (5)

Misereor takes care of the poorest of the poor – the children who have suffered most in the many areas of conflict around the world. This campaign intelligently and shockingly draws attention to the topic of war orphans. The faces of adults on murals or billboards, from locations in Somalia, Iraq and Chechnya, are disfigured by bullet holes. A powerful and easily understood metaphor that says it all.

This visually stunning campaign reflects how a clever idea enhances the brand’s appeal with boundless imagination. A great example of art direction at it’s best.

Swissair Posters

Georg Gerster

I still remember these posters hanging on the walls of travel agencies, long before the internet existed and flying was still a matter of quality. Georg Gerster was the aerial photographer of the Swissair advertising posters for over two decades (1971-79). A simple, clever and effective idea that promotes the beauty of our planet in images of a timeless zeitgeist: a picture is worth a thousand words. Legendary. Series designed by Karl Gerstner in 1979.

Freedom Stamps

David Hillman

The chain is a strong symbol of slavery that works singly on one stamp and links together on a sheet to make an even bolder statement. When form and content work hand by hand, they elevate a piece of work to a different level. A great example of the power of simplicity and wit.

The perfect marriage between concept and execution, this iconic cover speaks for itself. Elegant, simple and witty. Genius!