Google Campus


MultiAdaptor have created a comprehensive new brand identity for Google Campus based on elevating the purpose of Campus — ‘a space for startups to thrive’. That thought is translated into a physical frame within the branding that can flex to any format, allowing for an infinite array of creative expressions.

The comprehensive wayfinding and placemaking strategy complements the architectural confidence of 1 Martin Place while serving to engage staff and seamlessly connect the spaces seven floors. Signage elements are brought to life with the same visual language that tie in with the central staircase. The result is intuitive, warm, human – even surprising – such as the flashing neon displays and a large scale digital clock that serve as standout examples of typographic form integrated into the space.

This is a beautiful rebrand for the Co-Op by North. I’m a huge fan of brands looking back to their past to move forward. It was such a great identity and memorable image when we were growing up. A lot of the memories and equity that many people associated with the Co-Op will have been reinstilled without the company having to do any marketing at all. Brilliant move by the Co-Op and great work by North. Now, if we can just get United to go back the Tulip logo…