Message from the Unseen World

United Visual Artists, Futurity, Nick Drake

The underside of Bishop’s Bridge Road, near Paddington, hosts a moving tribute to pioneering mathematician, code-breaker and father of computer science — Alan Turing, entitled Message from the Unseen World. The text is a poem by poet and playwright Nick Drake which sees Turing speaking posthumously about his life, complete with coded versions of extracts from Turing’s text that disintegrate and fracture as new words replace the previous ones.

The Emperor’s Quest – Chinese Garden App

The Nest, a part of Frost*collective

The App created by The Nest, for Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority takes families on a fascinating journey into the ancient world of Chinese Zodiac, whilst roaming the Chinese garden in Darling Harbour – Sydney.



How do you reimagine photography in a sea of grams, snaps, and the rest of the ‘take a pic and do something with it’ apps?

Polaroid went back to why we take pictures – to capture everyday memories – but didn’t succumb to making a nostalgia filter app. It captures a one-second moment, and plays like a video by swiping, scrolling, and tilting. There was an immediacy to them, like seeing a slice of someones life, or viewing a memory in its full richness.

Inflatable Bag Monsters

Joshua Allen Harris

Great Idea by New York artist Joshua Allen Harris. Creatures constructed from trash bags come to life using the air flowing around and out of the New York Subway stations.

Nintendo game designer Shigeru Minamoto created something special with the first level of Super Mario Bros, with very little on the screen, he created intuitive understanding in the gamer. This video by Design Club explained the beauty of the system that drives instant learning (without fancy intro graphics and coaching marks), and builds the gamers skills before meeting greater challenges.