Editorial Design

Joining the dots

Mike McQuade

Mike McQuade created this illustration for Fortune Magazine in response to the headline ‘What economy will we get under a Trump Administration’?

The Barnes Foundation contains one of the most significant holdings of Matisse in the world. This definitive three-volume catalogue of the artist at the museum is an utterly wonderful piece of editorial design by Abbott Miller & Kim Walker at Pentagram. It is bold and surprising and yet pitch-perfect. It’s one of the most beautiful – and most considered – book projects I’ve seen in recent years.

Me We

Design by Design Bridge in collaboration with The Counter Press

A collaborative solution for a collaborative problem. Design Bridge asked The Counter Press to work with them on a book for staff, Me/We explains what they stand for from both agency and individual point of view: read from one end gives the ‘Me’ story, while flipping the book over and reading from the other side gives the ‘We’ story.

Made In Italy—Bodoni In Print is an exhibition, designed by SEA, that takes you through a journey of typography. The exhibition is a chance to experience first-hand early unseen archive material and Bodoni’s contemporary influence across graphic design with works by Massimo Vignelli, Paul Rand, Karl Gerstner, Peter Saville, Fabien Baron, Heinz Waibl and Bruno Monguzzi.

Watching Words Move

Robert Brownjohn

The original paste up of this brilliant book that has inspired so many graphic designers. Watching Words Move was originally produced in 1959 as a handmade typographic notebook of pasted-up words and done in one day in the Composing Room in New York. Imagine how many days a book like this would take to design now! View the new website of Brownjohn’s iconic work here.