G’ ay Mate

Interbrand Australia

A brilliant take on a very Aussie colloquialism for a campaign for marriage equality in Australia. Best of all, Australia voted yes. See the full case study on Interbrand.

Moniker’s Bridge Poster Series links business diagram language with abstract graphic purism in an effortless and natural manner. It is easier said than done: whilst both languages can visually connect, it is still testing to do so in a way that looks fresh and elegant. It demands not getting too obvious, too abstract or too pretentious. This graceful approach allows for form and color to respond to content, and even generate new meaning through the image. Inspiring work.


Campaign by NHS Blood and Transplant

This is the second time this campaign has been deployed but this time it’s on a global scale. Last year the campaign attracted more than 30,000 people to donate blood, watch this space…

A beautifully simple idea of using paper hats to get campaign messages across and people actively involved.