By Tilman Sole (5)

The Creative Net

Bibiana Ballbé

One of the major problems faced by any creative professional at the beginning of his career is the visibility. Until today. Bibiana Ballbé has presented The Creative Net. An online map that organizes and connects emerging creatives from Catalonia to the rest of the world. It is a visual and structured tool that works as a talent web search engine. And this is only the beginning. There is also a blog, tv show, lab, conferences, events… and probably more cities will be added in the future.


Pepe & Javier Llaudet

Arrels, which means “roots” in English, is a Barcelona based footwear brand created by two cousins: Pepe and Javier Llaudet. The brand has two concepts: the countryside and tradition on one side and the city and innovation on the other. Their motto is “upbeat shoes”. They co-create their collections with illustrators, musicians, graphic designers or perfumers. With care and detail, like every artisan, they create unique shoes.

El Dorado

Folch Studio

Every designer has imagined the day when the ideal client asks you to do your dream magazine. This will not happen… unless you decide to do it yourself. And that is exactly was Folch Studio and Goroka did with Eldorado. A magazine seeking intimate travel moments, searching the sublime aesthetic of nature. The project has grown and is now a transmedia editorial platform created by a collective of content creators, filmmakers, designers and storytellers. Take a journey on Eldorado and enjoy.

The Terra Alta region has experienced the passage of numerous cultures. Ilercavònia, Almodí and Domus Pensi are small discoveries, vestiges of the presence of these cultures in our land that have left their mark on how we work and how we cultivate the vine. Typographically, the labels reflect this concept, with an upturned letter ‘A’ giving shape to a logotype that reinforces the duality of Alta Vins.


The Rodina

Sometimes it seems that everything is invented until something fresh and simple appears. This is the case of the book serie of Mox Nox. The mega-glossy mirror covers and the colorful surfaces that categorize authors and title, reflect the new look about architecture, design innovation and urbanism that publishing house Mox Nox wants to achieve.