By Pablo Juncadella (5)



This Spin project shows how a good, sensible type idea can do wonders for the personality of a brand. The type was inspired by the metal work of bridges found in the neighborhood of La boca. They created a typeface that really expresses the transformation  from an industrial area into a vibrant new art center.

One of the most important aspects about a good idea is consistency, especially when it comes to art direction. The Frieze Art Fair campaigns by GTF have shown that a simple idea can be told in many ways. A contemporary view on the life of Queens Park (where the Fair takes place) is a very simple idea, yet every year they have managed to surprise us. This is a compilation of some of my favorite Images.

On the cover of this book you can read the word PAIN. When looking at the spine, you see the Spanish flag, immediately recognizing that this is going to be about sPAIN. When initially browsing the book the reader is faced only with blank pages. Once you see that it has been french folded you need to inflict some PAIN on the book to get at the content. On slicing open the Spanish flag you then find the work of photographer Toni Amengual highlighting the Spanish crisis. Bravo for Atlas!!!


Losiento Studio

This project is an example of how good design solutions can be humorous and beautifully crafted at the same time. Losiento have become experts at this. Treating bread like living beings (by building holes in a cardboard boxes) makes sense not only for practical reasons but it adds wit to the project. Thus capitalizing on one of the most important aspects of fresh bread: The lovely smell.

Using the burning effect of laser die-cutting to generate an identity, is a great example of how designers can create  maximum impact with limited processes. The perfect way to emulate the work of a glass artist in paper.