By Mitch (5)

Brilliant identity for the Swiss Architecture Museum by Claudia Basel. I particularly like how the exhibition posters allow for an individual typographic treatment based on the architectural image while still working consistently as a identity. Plus, many of these posters are available for purchase on the SAM website. I may pick up a few!

Hesselholdt & Mejlvang

Studio Claus Due

Here’s a little taste of Copenhagen based design practice Studio Claus Due. The Hesselholdt & Mejlvang project is a wonderful display of minimal conceptual driven work combined with very refined typographic skill. I highly recommend digging through more of their projects. A lot of fantastic work.

Striking work by Paris based studio Spassky and Fischer for the Mucem – Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée. Sometimes all you need is perfectly set type and great colors.

Warp Records

Till Wiedeck / HelloMe

Till Wiedeck / HelloMe really knocked the Warp identity system out of the park. The punk minimal rectangular system derived from the latitude and longitude lines of the original warp logo combined with new wave swiss typography is both highly functional and memorable. The system pays perfect homage to the original logo while embodying the progressive nature of warp records music and aesthetic. This system especially sings in the digital applications. Lovely work!

The Bildrach Filmfest Basel project is just one of the many fine examples of Ludovic Balland’s ability to punch you in the face visually. The deliberately ugly treatment of the fused B and R creates such a gripping impression it becomes quite beautiful when treated in the entire identity. I admire work like this because it challenges our expectations of design thus leaving with a strong memory of the work (whether we love it or hate it).