By Matt Baxter (2)

Southwark Underground Roundel

Michael Craig-Martin

Amid all of the justified hoo-ha surrounding the recent opening of the Tate’s new Switch House gallery extension, this lovely detail caught my attention. Sadly not permanent, Michael Craig-Martin’s wonderfully dayglo interpretation of the London Underground roundel brought a burst of fizzy colour out of the gallery and into the world. (And we Brits could all do with a bit more fizzy colour right now.) Image by Fred Butler.

The line of Steinberg

Illustrations by Saul Steinberg

Like many designers, I strive for clarity, strength and simplicity in the work of our studio. I sometimes achieve it, sometimes not. For inspiration, I often turn to the undisputed Crown Prince of clarity, the Grand Poobah of simplicity: Saul Steinberg. The ideas he communicated for the New Yorker with the slightest flick of the pencil are startling: witty, profound, surprising, fun. He described himself as “a writer who draws”. I call myself a designer who draws. But not as well as Saul.