By Campbell (3)

Cultural and historical awareness are woven into the DNA of any worthwhile product. There is value in re-examining what already exists, digging through the archives [a good library] and poring over the classics [don’t copy].  Truly understand what untapped potential do the materials, colours, functions, forms, and processes still hold. I am happy that many designers and manufacturers are reaching out to the skilled craftsmen of today [not hipsters] to explore the possibilities.

Hussein Chalayan uniquely blends fashion and technology to be elegant and responsive – transformative. Recently Chromat and Intel collaborated in clothing that responds to wearers needs – responsive. More interesting solutions than the Apple Watch or “jewelry”products – although not as elegant or refined – yet. Where can responsive textiles take us? In aviation design legroom continues to shrink so why not design seats with materials responsive to our physical needs and comfort.

Sometimes you find a book that you just have to carry with you all the time. My never leave it at home book is the recently published Statement and Counter-Statement from Dutch design trio Experimental Jetset. Not only is it well designed and the work compellingly laid out; the Index of Fragments chapter is one of the more inspiring and accessible collections of designer thoughts and influences I’ve read in a long time – Experimental Jetset